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Massacre in Bahrain


Available for a limited number of interviews, Khalifa is senior editor for diplomatic affairs at Al Wasat in Bahrain. She said today: “The regime forces just came and massacred a crowd of people as they slept.

“The young people marching were so beautiful. They were chanting together, shouting ‘neither Sunni nor Shia but Bahraini’. We have not seen this before. And this is what annoyed the government agents the most — they are always trying to divide the people. So they just went at night and massacred them, there were children there. And now the regime is spreading lies about me and other journalists who are trying to say what is happening.” See her Twitter feed: @reemkhalifa17

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof tweeted from Bahrain: “King Hamad of Bahrain will never regain credibility after attacking peaceful protesters as they slept. Blood is forever on his hands.” Kristof also notes that members of the royal family are spreading rumors about him: “Example of #Bahrain govt propaganda: @alibinkhalifa of royal family tweeted that I am ‘supporting outlaws with weapons.'”

See #Bahrain Twitter feed

Jones recently wrote the piece “Is Bahrain Next?” for the new journal Jadaliyya.
He is an assistant professor of history at Rutgers University and author of the forthcoming Desert Kingdom: How Oil and Water Forged Modern Saudi Arabia.

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