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Wisconsin: “Closest Thing to a General Strike”


Reuters is reporting: “Amid increasingly vocal protests, Wisconsin’s Republican-controlled legislature was poised to vote on Thursday on a budget measure that would strip away most collective bargaining rights for public employees.

“Many schools throughout the state closed Thursday — Madison’s for the second day in a row — after the state’s largest teachers’ union, the Wisconsin Education Association Council, urged members to come to Madison and join thousands of others protesting around and inside the state capitol.”

Editor of The Progressive magazine, based in Madison, Wisconsin, Rothschild said today: “The people of Wisconsin have risen up against Governor Scott ‘Hosni Walker,’ as some of the signs say. He and his Republican henchmen in the legislature want to destroy public sector workers and in the process they intend to inflict maximum pain on teachers, nurses, child care workers, secretaries. I talked with a secretary at the University of Wisconsin who has worked there for 30 years and is still making less than $40,000. With Walker’s cuts, she’d lose $5,500 a year in salary. We are witnessing in Wisconsin the closest thing to a general strike that this country has seen since the 1930s.”

Rothschild just wrote the piece “Glorious Rallies in Madison, Ground Zero of the Fight Back.”

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