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Protests in France


JEAN BRICMONT, [in France], @JeanBricmontA noted political analyst, Bricmont said today: “At first, there was a police murder of a 17-year-old kid, who was recklessly driving an expensive car. Luckily, there are videos of the incident that prove that the policeman did not act in legitimate self-defense. After that, there has been an explosion of violence, against buildings set on fire, private and public, against policemen, as well as looting. [While in Paris] I could hear mortar fire during the night.

“The problem is that French society is deeply divided. Starting in the 1970’s there was mass immigration that was of course favored by the employers, but also, in the name of diversity and multiculturalism, by the post-’68 intellectual left. The problem is that some of the descendants of these immigrants feel deeply alienated from French society, which leads to a dialectic of violence between them and the police as well as a large part of French society.

“The only beneficiary of the present turmoil is likely to be the National Gathering (ex-National Front).”