News Release

Sierra Leone Election Called “Rigged” 


CNN is reporting: “Sierra Leone election observers flag ‘statistical inconsistencies.'” AP is reporting: “Sierra Leone’s main opposition calls for presidential election re-run after incumbent named winner.”
CHERNOH ALPHA BAH,, @AfricanistPress
Bah is founder of Africanist Press and just wrote the piece “Dangers of Endorsing or Participating in an Illegitimate Regime,” which charges: “The nexus between financial corruption and political corruption is always anchored in rigged elections. Politicians who steal public funds can’t organize credible elections. They have to steal public votes to protect their stolen wealth.” …

Bah is urging “democratic organizations, and friends of Sierra Leone, to loudly inform the politicians in Sierra Leone that an election cannot be called a democratic election if it lacks transparency. The absence of transparency makes it an authoritarian election. And there should be consequences for those willingly obstructing the holding of democratic elections.”

Bah is living in exile in the U.S. as a result of his exposing corruption in both the ruling party as well as parts of the opposition.

He has been profiled by the Committee to Protect Journalists: “Sierra Leone publisher Chernoh Alpha Bah threatened with death, charges of treason.” “Sierra Leonean authorities should cease their harassment of the Africanist Press and must investigate the death threats against its publisher, Chernoh Alpha Bah, instead of trying to censor him,” said Angela Quintal, CPJ’s Africa program coordinator.