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The Israel-Affiliated Organization Leading the Backlash Against Student Protests


Bamford is author of SpyFail, The Puzzle Palace and Body of Secrets. He just wrote the piece “The Israel-Affiliated Organization Leading the Backlash Against Student Protests” for The Nation magazine. Bamford writes: “It was time to fight back on America’s college campuses. And the little known Israeli-American Council (IAC), an organization with close ties to Israeli intelligence, and made up mostly of Israeli expats, decided that it would lead the nationwide charge. On Sunday, April 28, as members of the group arrived on UCLA’s grass-covered Dickson Plaza, the IAC’s CEO, Elan Carr, took the stage. A Republican politician, former member of the National Council of AIPAC, and special envoy to monitor and combat antisemitism in the Trump administration, he had little regard for anyone who disparaged Israel. In the past, he had compared the call for an economic boycott of Israel to actions by the Nazis. And he has said that the group Jewish Voice for Peace, whose members were taking part in the protest, ‘openly traffics in anti-Semitism.’

“Among those addressing a crowd of Israeli-flag-waving counterprotesters, with the encampment holding the pro-Palestinian demonstrators directly behind them, was Israel’s Consul General to the Pacific Southwest, Israel Bachar. Also speaking was Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League. Then came Carr, who announced that the fight had begun. ‘We will take back our streets. We will take back our campuses from Columbia University to UCLA and everywhere in between,’ he said. The question is, given IAC’s long history of close links to Israeli intelligence organizations, for whom are they taking the campuses back?”

See prior piece by Bamford: “Who Is Funding Canary Mission? Inside the Doxxing Operation Targeting Anti-Zionist Students and Professors,” which states: “Americans who give money to Canary Mission are potentially committing a serious crime by acting as agents of a foreign power.”

He was on the IPA news release “Reporting Says Israel Hacked Russian Intelligence, Secretly Colluded with the Trump Campaign” about what was missed in the massive coverage of the years-long Russiagate scandal.