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Wisconsin Recall Elections


BEN MANSKI, brmanski at
Manski is executive director of the Liberty Tree Foundation and a spokesperson for the umbrella group Wisconsin Wave. He is a lifelong Wisconsinite and a public interest attorney. Manski said today: “Big money spoke yesterday, but big democracy spoke louder. The GOP lost one third of its seats, and the momentum to recall Governor Walker appears unchecked.

“The other important story here is that, once again, Waukesha County election officials have undermined public faith in the integrity of Wisconsin elections.”

ROBERT KRAIG,  robert.kraig at
Kraig is executive director of Citizen Action of Wisconsin. He said today: “Although we are disappointed that we did not pull off upset victories in four predominantly Republican Senate districts last night, we also realize that this was only an early skirmish in a long battle to restore American freedom, and that the fate of social movements is not determined by one election.

“A new movement to restore economic opportunity and the middle class was born during the Wisconsin workers rights protests, and the tens of thousands of new activists who came together to fight for economic justice on Republican turf this summer, is a major step towards taking back Wisconsin, and ultimately the entire country. The electoral playing field will be much more even in 2012, when Governor Walker directly faces this robust new movement in his own recall election.”